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Internal Dividers

Pick from a list of commonly used internal case dividers.

Specify the board width or choose from standard widths.

Constraint for Box Dimensions

Minimum and maximum case lengths, case widths and case heights.

Quick Pallet Maker allows the user to specify the allowable ratios between the three case dimensions. This is very useful to avoid tall or narrow boxes that may tip over in a production line or a very flat box that will collapse when carried.

Standard Case Options

Quick Pallet Maker will add internal slack or compression to a case to round the dimensions to a Standard Case, whether in inches or in metric units (mm and cm).

The user specifies the maximum allowable slack or compression for each one of the case dimensions.

Pallet Input

Select from a list of commonly used shipping pallets or introduce the dimensions for the pallet in the unit you wish.

Quick Pallet Maker allows the user to specify the minimum dimensions the load must have as some plants allow a minimum pallet underhang.

The maximum dimensions can be set to any value, not necessarily constrained to the shipping pallet dimensions. For example the user can input the internal dimensions of a truck or a container for bulk shipments.

Weight limits will allow the program to remove layers from a pallet if it gets too heavy.

Advanced Input

Quick Pallet Maker features a window that allows the user to calculate a list of solutions from a variation within one of the input dimensions.

The user can specify the type of dimension that will be changed and the interval.

The result condition can also be specified.

A sliding bar allows the user to adjust the number of iterations that the program must make within the minimum and maximum values. This adjusts the step in which the dimensions are changed.

A constant Primary Package Volume option will automatically adjust the remaining dimension(s) of the Primary Package in order to keep the package volume constant. This is useful for Primary Package design when the product is sold by a fixed volume but the package dimensions can vary.

The user can choose to view a table with results or just the best solution according to the criteria that was introduced.

Iteration Results

Quick Pallet Maker presents the user with a table of results that were obtained by varying the input type. This table presents some basic statistics that can be used to identify the box type that will optimize the pallets the most.

This table can be copies to any spreadsheet program to display the solutions graphically or to create an analytical report.

Double-clicking on any of the results will automatically display the pallets for that solution.

Solutions Window

Quick Pallet Maker presents graphical views of the Pallet assemblies and the boxes. The latter presents two views; external and internal (displaying the box contents).

The user can switch from one pallet to the other by clicking through the table that appears at the bottom of the window.

Within the table, the user can optimize the pallet load by rotating and fitting more of the same boxes within the pallet.

The results can be sorted by two of any of the criterias that are present in the table.

Slack can be added to the boxes and views can be updated.

Box Compression Window

Calculate the minimum compression strength for the boxes in a pallet by changing the number of pallets that are stacked on top of each other and by changing the safety factor.

The safety factor is calculated from corrugate design criterias that take into account the pallet movement, the stacking type and the warehouse humidity, among others.

How can I change the output language in Quick Pallet Maker?

Quick Pallet Maker presents the user with a report that includes all the input information and the solutions information.

The text and the drawings from this report can be copied onto another document.

The report can be exported on any of the following graphics formats: Windows Bitmap (BMP), JPEG, Macintosh PICT, SGI, Photoshop, TGA, TIFF and QuickTime Image.

The report can be printed.

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Quick Pallet Maker Features

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Primary Package Input

Choose from Rectangular or Cylindrical Packages.

Constrain the Package placement to any of its dimensions.

Length, Width and Height input.

Accepts mm/kg, cm/kg and inches/lbs as units. Watch procedure.

Box Construction Input

Change case count

Specify the board width or choose from standard widths.

Pick from Regular Slotted Containers or Trays.

Include internal dividers