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Version 4.6 for Windows (English)

Version 4.6 for Macintosh OSX (English)

Instruction Manual: PDF Format

What you get when you pay:
- A code to unlock features as: Printing, Saving, Copying, Exporting, and removing the 30 day period of use.

- Free upgrades for one year

- Unlimited technical support

How do I export to a graphics file?
When in the report, choose Export Graphics after you have configured the report accordingly. This will only work if QuickTime 4 is installed (free download from Apple Computer). Once you are prompted with the Save File window, select the desired file format (Windows OS works best with BMP format) and type the name of your file. Please remember to include the appropriate file extension for Windows OS.
Why do I get "no solutions available" messages?
In most of the cases, your case restrictions are not allowing you to produce the desired solutions. Extend them by lowering the minimum values and increasing the maximum values.

How can I turn off the case ratio restrictions?
You cannot disable the restrictions completely although you can virtually allow any case dimension by using a very low value for the minimum values and a very high value for the maximums. Save the input file in order to not have to repeat this process every session.

Does Quick Pallet Maker work with trays?
Yes, you can select 2x2x2 Trays from the box construction pull-down menu in order to change the box from RSC to tray. This will change the board thickness that is added to calculate each case. If the added thickness does not fit your needs, you can edit it in the boxes to the right of the pull-down menu.

How do I add custom information to the report?
You can graphics and text to the Detailed Report by pasting them into the corresponding locations. Graphics are pasted onto the window that is located on the left-hand side of the Report. Text can be typed or pasted on the window that is located on the bottom right-hand side of the report. You can also export both Text and Graphics for the report onto a spreadsheet or word processor and change accordingly.

How can I change the report language?
Select Preferences from the Tool menu. Choose the "Report Text tab". There is a list of phrases that appear in the report that can be changed that appear in the box on top. Simply select phrase by phrase in English and type the changed phrase in the box below. Once that has been done for all phrases, check the button that marks "Local Language". On the next Report view, the words should reflect the modified words.

How do I configure the page for printing in Windows?
Select Print from the File menu and click on Properties after the Printing window appears. From there, choose Landscape mode and other properties you wish to modify. The page setup window on Macintosh computers will appear automatically.

How can I print on a Black and White printer?
From the Detailed Report window, select Black and White from the View Menu. The printout will look like the detailed report that is shown.

How can I change the output language in Quick Pallet Maker?

Currently, Quick Pallet Maker is available in the English and Spanish languages. However, you may change the Report text by following this procedure:

· Choose Copy Report - Text from the Edit Menu.

· Open a spreadsheet program. Example: MS Excel, ClarisWorks, MS Works, Lotus 123, etc.

· Paste onto the spreadsheet.

· From there you can edit the text language.

· Copy the Primary Package, Cases and Pallet drawings onto the spreadsheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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As a general rule, always download the latest version of Quick Pallet Maker Software. This will solve most problems. Perform extensive testing (including printing) on the DEMO versions before purchasing. Check your system requirements to ensure they comply with the minimum specifications. If you have any issues, please contact
How do I install the latest QPM version?
On a Macintosh, the file name will always be the different as a previous version. Therefore, you must delete the older program by dragging it to the trash or pressing command-delete. Copy the new Quick Pallet Maker to the folder of the original item.

When using Windows, if the new program has the same name, then uncompress and save over the original item. If the uncompressed file has a different name, then delete the previous version and copy into the same folder.
Why doesn't QPM recognise my saved files?
If you decide to change the configuration on the numbers Control Panel (Macintosh) or in the regional settings Control Panel (Windows), remember to check well the files you have saved earlier (with the previous configuration) as the application will not recognize the previous files seamlessly.